A-Z List of Bald Musicians

For your entertainment and viewing pleasure we have listed in A to Z order the most famous bald musicians from lead vocalists to band members in all genres including Rock n Roll, Hard Rock, Pop, Alternative, Country, Classical music and more.

Kicking it off with front man out of rock band ‘Staind’…

aaron lewis bald musician out of rock band saind
Aaron Lewis

Founding member of alternative rock band ‘Staind’ which has sold more than 15 million records. Aaron also enjoys performing solo acoustic recording his first solo album ‘The Road’ in 2012.

Born: 13th April 1972 – Vermont, United States
Band: Staind
Performs: Vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar (solo)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Nu Metal, Country
Estimated Net Worth: $9M

Angry Anderson bald lead singer rose tattoo
Angry Anderson

Australian singer, songwriter and bald lead vocalist from Sydney Australia hard rock band ‘Rose Tattoo’, joining the band in 1976.  As a solo artist Angry achieved a number 2 hit on the Australian Aria Charts as well as number 3 on UK charts with ‘Suddenly’ a power ballad released in 1987. Angry has also dabbled in TV acting and film including a role in the 1985 blockbuster movie starring fellow Australian (at the time) Mel Gibson –  ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’ playing ‘Iron Bar Bassey’.

Born: August 5, 1947 – Melbourne, Australia
Band: Rose Tattoo
Performs: Lead Vocalist
Genre: Heavy Rock, Rock
Estimated Net Worth: $2M

Billy Corgan bald musician
Billy Corgan

Bald lead singer out of alternative rock band ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’, Billy formed the band in 1988. As well as solo gigs Billy has also performed in bands ‘Zwan’. ‘Star Children’, ‘Spirits in the sky’ and ‘The marked’.

Born: 17th March 1967 – Illinois, United States
Band: Smashing Pumpkins
Performs: Vocals, Guitar
Genre: Alternative Rock
Estimated Net Worth: $50M

billy joel bald musician with goatee
Billy Joel

One of the riches bald musicians to make our list. For about the last 10 years Billy Joel has been sporting the closely shaved head look and in more recent times has been seen completely shaving his whole head down to a number one on the hair clippers.

Born: 9th May 1949 – The Bronx, New York, United States
Band: The Echoes (1964-67), The Hassles (67-69) Atilla (70-71)
Performs: Solo, Vocals, Piano
Genre: Rock, Pop
Estimated Net Worth: $180M

black francis bald musician
Black Francis

Bald lead singer and guitarist out of Alternative Rock band ‘Pixies’ from 1986 through to 1992. Real name is Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, also known as Frank Black.

Born: 6th April 1965 – Massachusetts, United States
Band: Pixies
Performs: Vocals, Guitar
Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk Pop
Estimated Net Worth: $5M